tana-torajaLapender Palembangan, a native of the Toraja country and a professional guide will make you discover and share his culture.

With their roofs shaped as a ship bow, herited from the old Chinese sailors who took refuge in the mountains to avoid Islamization, the Toraja houses, the "Tongkonan", are red spots in the scenary of rice fields and forests.

From June to November, Toraja villages are enlived during several days with the funeral ceremonies. They welcome hundred of guests and are knowned for the sacrifies of buffalos and pigs. Death is part of Life. The vaults in the rocks, with the well-knowned Tau-Tau, effigies of dead people, and the funeral monuments mark out the roads of Tana Toraja.

The whole region boasts a nice climate, with an average altitude of 1200 meters, and will enjoy you. Have pleasant hikes in amazing sceneries : rice fields on terraces, bamboo forests and coffee plantations. You will also be charmed by the friendly welcome of the people that you will meet in the villages.

Tana Toraja is definitely a must in the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi.